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anime porn

Technical Information

Episodes: 4

Status: Complete

Release: 2006

Animation Studio: Pixy

Genre: Big Tits, Tentacles, Rape, Yuri

Censure: Yes

Audio / Subtitle: Japanese / English



Year 2054, Tokyo. Kirisawa Rei and Izumi Fuko are the capable special agent, commonly called Mayaku Tokuso, whose task is drug-crime investigation and to take down the drug syndicate in Tokyo. They were a perfect pair, getting over numerous bloodbaths together. One day, they had an information of 12 Angels, a drug syndicate that they had been searching for years, sneaking into the most dangerous city in Tokyo, Sinjyuku, where is rumored that their secret base is located. But it is a clever trap set by the boss Kiryu for the revenge on them…


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