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Kunoichi Botan cover

Technical Information

Episodes: 2

Status: In Release

Release: 2018

Animation Studio: Selfish

Genre: Big Tits, Action, Rape, Monsters

Censure: Yes

Audio / Subtitle: Japanese / English


Hentai “Kunoichi Botan” is based on the same name RPG game from the Studio Enokippu.

The action of hentai takes place in medieval Japan. The main character SUSU was defiled by a group of anxious men who were under the influence of the so-called “aura of the Ogre”. She managed to keep her innocence, but” demi-ogres ” continue to sexually harass her. The only one who can save Isuzu is her older partner kunoichi Nerd. The nerd sneaks into the mansion of a rich merchant, where is rumored to contain Isuzu. She, along with their “dolls clowns”, thanks to ninjutsu called “Kage bunshin” in order to penetrate the sanctuary of the demi-ogres, but also falls into the trap…